Who is Demon

Years Building Brands
Happy Clients (and counting)

We don’t like to label ourselves

Labels can prevent new opportunities in an ever-changing creative landscape. However, we do know our strengths, and we play to them – our love for branding, design and user experience has always been at the forefront of our business and will continue to push us into new and exciting territories as we continue to grow.





User Experience




We like to think our clients come to us for our great ideas and spectacular street cred, but in fact, it goes deeper

So much so, that there’s even a phrase that synergises with our very name: The Demon State


The Demon State was a name that Michael Colgrass, a Pulitzer Prize winning composer, gave to a state when he was possessed by the ‘demon of composing music or playing music’. He would hear the opening of the composition, the first couple of bars, which would set the theme for the piece of music, with zero effort consciously on his part.

The ‘Special Sauce’

Just like Mr Colgrass, Demon reacts and sub consciously engages those ideas that make you go:

“They got it. That’s the special sauce we were after!”

Think of us as an ace up your sleeve.
Your secret weapon.

We create brands and bring to life experiences in a way that synergise with your own business objectives. Smart ideas that you can own. Together we can increase your brand’s awareness and cut through the vanilla.

Welcome to Demon.

Break the ice

Our history. In a nut-shell.

Formerly known as Pixel Demon in its infancy, our name and focus has changed, but the creative ideology at the core has not. Initially a one-man-band and side-project, Demon has become a powerhouse of strategists, creatives, designers and big thinkers.

Clint Nielsen

Founder / Creative Director

Clint's a passionate creative with an innovative approach with over 17 years experience in branding, design and marketing under his belt. Clint has worked for clients both large and small including Toyota, Boags, PayPal, Microsoft and McDonalds to name a few.

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