After months of preparation and thinking, we’ve decided that Pixel Demon is no longer. We have been re-defining our offering and have decided to simplify to DEMON…

Why Demon?

Besides being simpler and sexier it’s much harder to pigeon-hole more can be revealed here >

Now focusing on three key areas

Demon Creative  – We create exceptional brands, designs, user experiences and marketing collateral making sure businesses look delicious across all touch-points both online and offline. >

Demon Consulting – We work alongside key staff to guide them through design, branding, website audits, user experience, interface design problem solving and marketing communications. >

Demon Works – Defining objectives and problem solving is an art which is best tackled with more than one crafty mind at a time. We run half and full day workshops with key stakeholders to make sure your entire business is heading in the one harmonious direction. >

Many thanks to all of our clients new and existing for your understanding during this exciting and important transition!

Clint Nielsen (CEO / Creative Director)

Author Clint Nielsen

Clint is the Founder and Creative Director of Demon having over 17 years experience in branding, design and marketing under his belt.

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