One of Australia’s biggest independent media agencies TMS is returning to its old name The Media Store via a brand new look created by Demon.

CEO, Chris Mort explained the decision to return to a name which the agency had for 14 years, before changing to TMS in 2011, saying: “I believe a brand name should reflect one of three things: the heritage, the desired attitude or personality or the category that you work in. I don’t believe TMS did any of those things.

“The Media Store was still synonymous with the agency – where it carried that name for 14 years – it was time to go back to it and gain more memorability about what we do.”

It’s been a delight working with Chris and the broader The Media Store team to take their brand and online identity to the next level. I’m excited to see The Media Store go from strength to strength this year with it’s brand new logo, refreshed colour palette and typographic evolution.

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Author Clint Nielsen

Clint is the Founder and Creative Director of Demon having over 17 years experience in branding, design and marketing under his belt.

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