The ‘Robin Hood’ of the music industry

We’re excited to be working with Reff Sykes over at Mash Music to help design the User Experience and Interface Design for their mobile experience.

What is Mash?

For listeners, Mash brings social to music, offering the first social platform dedicated to music engagement, simplifying the real time connection between artists with their fans, allowing them to discover, curate and broadcast music playlists without restrictions of location, devices or applications.

For artists, Mash amplifies their revolution, giving ‘control’ back to the music creators through an unbiased platform designed to unearth and amplify the value and commercialisation of music, so now mash artists can focus on making more music.

Watch this space…

Author Clint Nielsen

Clint is the Founder and Creative Director of Demon having over 17 years experience in branding, design and marketing under his belt.

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