Why are you doing this?

    What are the short, medium and long-term goals for the organisation? What will it look like one year, five years and ten years from now?

    Briefly describe what your company does

    Products / Services

    List the services you offer that your competitors do not. Tell us why you, your products or your services are better than your competition.You may also list products and services that aren’t necessarily unique to your business, but which are high profile or “headliner” services.

    Target Audience

    Who is your target audience? (age, education, and other demographics? Job status? Economic status? Role in the community?). The identity targeting a Japanese middle school student will be very different from an identity targeting rural agricultural workers or British graduate school applicants. Knowing your target audience, their culture, their technical savvy, and their expectations can help you design your identity.

    Secondary Audience

    What other audiences are you trying to reach? Investors, Producers? etc..

    Competitive Landscape

    Are there any websites or brands that you would consider your “competition”? Feel free to provide more information on how they are your "competition", but, at minimum, provide for each competitor, include the company name, and a list of "key terms" that describe what they do and/or sell.


    List 20 adjectives that you think describe your company or should describe your company in order of relevance / importance

    Favourite Brands

    List 5 brands that you like. Include what you like about each one, and what you would improve upon (if anything).

    Least Favourite Brands

    List 5 brands you don’t like. Include what don’t you like about each one, and what redeeming qualities they have.

    Design Considerations

    Design Likes

    Is there a certain 'look' or style that you like (include URLs / company names or upload files if possible)

    Design Dislikes

    Is there any 'look' that you dislike (any examples or URLs would be useful)


    Do you want your logo to include text only, text and graphic, or graphic only?

    Colour Preferences

    List your color preference if you have any.

    Technical Considerations

    Domain names and hosting (if relevant)

    Primary Billing and Contact

    Your Contact Details

    Choose preferred contact method

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    Why the long form?

    In order for us to hit the ground running and align all of the planets in regards to your brand, we need to cut to the chase — this means that all of the dreams and aspirations you’ve had stored in your mind for some time now, need to be ‘dumped’ into this lovely form.*

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